Nava founded in 2015 to work specially for Food processing industry, in addition to another company MGE was founded in India in 2012 by Shaik Abdul Ali. In 2012 he started producing organic farming , followed by packing of fruits and vegetables. This period saw the first contacts with the large supermarkets, setting a pattern that has been followed ever since.

Expansion and internationalization The period 2012-2013 saw the internationalization of the MGE, with the acquisition of knowledge in the chain of processing, logistics and distribution. As part of its expansion MGE began to set up various subsidiaries at procurement areas.We found that the food processing raw materials farming is not in compliance with food safety and sustainability standards, NAVA decided to fill this GAP in food processing industry by certified food safety and sustainable farming methods raw produce.

Consolidation and growth In 2013 the Indian company Abhipraj exports, who has more than 25 years in Grapes industry was merged in MGE,. As a result, MGE quadrupled its volume and acquired a strategic presence in International market. NAVA is formed with group of farmers for sustainable growth and responsibility on what we deliver.

Leadership NAVA is under the best leadership management leaded by Mr Shaik Abdul Ali, who has good experience in project management, accordingly he developed Project delivery system(PDS), this system is the secret of MGE success in short time.

The strength of the NAVA derives from the flexibility and diversity of its entities.