International Partners

o Central to NAVA's long-term vision is NAVA Food ingredients Partners, built in response to the changing dynamics of the Food Ingredients sector.

o Through NAVA Partners, NAVA has become its customers' eyes and ears across the globe, in order to offer a year-round supply of the perfect product basket. NAVA is the DIRECT connection to the field for its customers as it builds a mutually beneficial grower/importer presence in every region of the world.

o NAVA works closely with growers of all sizes to optimise their potential by giving them a guaranteed route to market and applying customer-focused principles throughout the supply chain. Our produce benefits from being grown in privileged production areas, by growers who receive continuous guidance and support from highly-skilled NAVA technical and quality assurance teams. It is picked, Processed, packed and distributed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

o NAVA Partners significantly strengthens the NAVA's competitive position in the key strategic area of sales, Processing and sourcing.