Vision & Mission

Vision: In a world with limited natural resources and a growing population, NAVA aims to play a leading role in supplying first-rate products, providing first-class service and developing the most efficient and sustainable and quality produce solutions, in close cooperation with its customers and suppliers.

We're committed to healthy food, healthy people, a healthy planet and healthy business.

Healthy food. We will craft and offer the most delicious and nourishing Foodproducts.
Healthy people. We will enhance the health and well-being of our consumers and colleagues.
Healthy planet. We will help protect and restore the planet and promote the viability of family farms.
Healthy business. We will prove that healthy profits and a healthy planet are not in conflict and that, in fact, dedication to health and sustainability enhances shareholder value. We believe that business must lead the way to a more sustainable future

Mission: Our mission is to grow profitably through innovation and operational excellence in Food industry. In pursuing this mission, we will deliver value:
* to customers, by delivering safe food solutions with outstanding quality and great service, and continuously developing long-lasting relationships
* to staff, by offering a stimulating environment that encourages innovation and knowledge sharing