Project Delivery System (PDS)

NAVA Project Delivery System (PDS) is the overall framework that facilitates a partnering relationship between the Client, the Partners, Suppliers and NAVA as PROJECT, while setting unambiguous procedures and expectations for performance. The PDS is a living document and will be reviewed and amended as necessary to account for evolving changes in the Project.

The proper development and implementation of these documents are critically important functions of a PROJECT, as they provide the roadmap to delivering the task and fulfilling the Client's goals. It is NAVA's philosophy to "plan the work, work the plan". Since the Project encompasses many different parties and components, the coherence, clarity and interconnectedness of the governing policies and procedures is the indispensable foundation for effective Quality management.

NAVA's regime of policies and procedures will be built from best practices, established company policies and procedures tailored specifically for the PROJECT, informed by "lessons learned"